Marshmello x Nancy Ajram - Sah Sah (صح صح) (Official Music Video)

  • Опубликовано: 4 месяца назад

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    Marshmello x Nancy Ajram - Sah Sah // Out Now
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    Performer: Nancy Ajram
    Producer & performer: Marshmello
    Producer: Massari Sari Abboud
    Studio Personnel, Mix Engineer: Manny Marroquin
    Engineer: Adium Kemyst
    Composer: Moody Saeed
    Lyricist: Ahmad Alaeddine
    Musical Arrangement: Tarek Madkour
    Music video by Nancy Ajram, Marshmello performing Sah Sah. © 2022 Universal Arabic Music / Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Jeff McCue +4
Jeff McCue

I'm an American and have never experienced Arabic music. I ran across this video by chance, and I have to say, that is awesome. Very nice. Marshmallow is awesome too. Love the music.

Danny Benhur +244
Danny Benhur

Nancy Ajram is the face of Arabic Pop, Marshmellow never fails, perfect blend of two musics.

Rocket Racing +348
Rocket Racing

This song combined American hip hop with Arab culture perfectly great job Marshmello

Tala Al-aqqad +120
Tala Al-aqqad

I love the fact that marshmello made an Arabic song. It's super catchy and the lyircs are amazing!!

asnk +758

so immensely proud and happy to see the arabic culture shining and my queen nancy ajram getting the love she deserves. thank you ✨🫶

Luna Gaia +39
Luna Gaia

A collab come true! Never thought Nancy Ajram would collaborate with Marshmello!! 💯🔥🔥🔥

21 день назад
Nancy Ajram +5
Nancy Ajram


koiun dwrru +426
koiun dwrru

We need more of this kind of music, this is something FRESH !

Paula Malian +137
Paula Malian

One of my favorite Arabic artists!! 🇱🇧 🇦🇲

Eisa Sheikh +37
Eisa Sheikh

Arabic is a beautiful language

Diana Salameh
Diana Salameh

We need other one of there colabs tbh this is just a amazing song for Arabs ❤

4 часа назад
Fofo +8

احلام العصر بدأت تتحقق

Ramroom +109

Congratulations on the success of the song, Nancy Ajram, and your collaboration with Marshmello is the reason for its success 💙

Soinas Doyi +376
Soinas Doyi

Way to go Nancy! One hit song after another! Great choices, music voice and clips

tinky bijalwan +23
tinky bijalwan

I love arabic music so much

Nancy Ajram Fans +126
Nancy Ajram Fans

With each song, you bring us so much love and positive energy. The enthusiasm you bring into this song was really visible. I truly enjoyed every second of this song

Mehran Omer +15
Mehran Omer

I heard this song live in her qatar concert a day ago and it was so pure and unique

feezius +316

Marshmello es de esos artistas que no les da miedo hacer nueva música de cualquier tipo <3

Claudia Ferreira Ricardo +132
Claudia Ferreira Ricardo

Amo suas músicas❤❤❤❤🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷


Your voice is mesmerizing and you take my breath away whenever notes flow from your magical voice. Thank you Nancy ♥️


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